Organizational Purpose and Objectives

Organizational Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of The Clemente Course in the Humanities, Inc. is to uphold the founding philosophy of the Clemente Course by maintaining its high academic standards, conducting outreach, overseeing research and evaluation, and raising funds.

I. Academic Standards

CCH maintains the quality and integrity of its program by ensuring that outstanding college teachers are hired as instructors, that students who are enrolled have the necessary core abilities and the motivation to succeed, and that local courses meet national standards with respect to curriculum and program delivery.


  • Support Academic Directors in hiring faculty and recruiting students
  • Provide guidelines and sample syllabi for curriculum development
  • Share strategies for student support and retention
  • Encourage professional development by promoting ongoing communication among faculty members and directors across sites

II. Outreach

CCH helps increase social capital nationally and sustain Clemente Courses locally by fostering collaboration among courses and ensuring clear communication to the public about Course goals and outcomes.


  • Publish an annual report
  • Maintain and update website (content management)
  • Organize and host an annual Academic Directors’ Conference
  • Develop and coordinate marketing

III. Research and Evaluation:

CCH oversees research and evaluation gathered at local Course sites; ensures that Course outcomes are consistent with CCH’s overall goals and objectives; and promotes excellence in teaching, classroom management, and student support.


  • Conduct research to evaluate and support academic standards
  • Conduct research to define and evaluate long-term outcomes
  • Coordinate dissemination of research findings
  • Identify and distribute emerging research to support local fundraising for Courses

IV. Fundraising

CCH raises funds to ensure that it can fulfill its mission, offer matching grants to existing and start-up courses, and provide fundraising and other material support to courses at the local level.